Sacred Sexuality Education

Within each one of us resides a fierce sexual spirit. Unfortunately, today's American culture has relegated sexuality to a place appropriate only in the bedroom, under the covers with the lights off. It is often inappropriate to discuss not only sexuality but how our sexuality ties together with our spiritual health and wellbeing. Restore balance to your spirit and vitality. Reclaim your Sacred Sexual Power! Tap into your own life essence and embody your most Radiant Self!
Yogi Ramadin's Sacred Sexuality Education draws from Tantric, Taoist and Pegan philosophies to inform and reclaim Sacred Sexuality practices.  
Some of the topics addressed may include:
  • Creating Mutually Fulfilling Experiences - Aligned with fresh ways of being to get what you want in your relationships
  • The Power of Clear Intentions - feeling your Sexual Power and being at choice about what you do with it
  • Sacred Practices for Partnership - gain more choice around how others perceive and react to your expressions
  • Listening with touch - use your body as a doorway to your own pleasure, passion & intimacy
  • Cultivating Embodied Presence and Energetic Potential - open up to your own orgasmic nature as a self ignited individual 
  • Sex Magic - Create the life you envision through channeling sexual vitality
  • Creating Sexual Sanctuary and Ritual - know how to harness your sexuality as potent fuel for your relationships and creations
Opening to our sexual energy means becoming a vehicle for pure power to move through us. Those who know their power have nearly unlimited access to the power-cells of their passion.
Individuals may explore individual Sacred Sexuality Coaching, Healing or may also participate in our ongoing sacred circle, Spirit of Sex: Consciousness and Action of Sacred Sexuality.
To strengthen your own sexual power and infuse your life with your inner creative power, visit our online booking system to schedule your Sacred Sexuality Coaching Session.



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