Sacred Relating

What does it mean if something is "Sacred" to you?

How do you embody the Sacred within your relationships?

Each person in the world has their own way of being and practicing in the world.

In Sacred Relating we explore the ways in which you are already creating connection and relationship and also explore supporting methods.

One might wonder, what's in it for me? Why take the time to consider Sacred Relating?

By holding our relationships as Sacred, we can honor ourselves and our partner(s). We can deepen our trust and intimacy just by taking the time to honor our mutual desire to have reverence and respect with each other and how we are holding our relationships. Also in Sacred Relating, individuals learn about clear communication, authenticity, liberating language, and resistance. We also share connection building activities and discuss the somatic journey of the liberated heart. What you might get out of Sacred Relating is more permission to be who you are and a deeper sense of connection and trust with your community.

Is Sacred Relating only for couples?

No, Sacred Relating is mindfulness practice that can be applied to one's self and also in many types of interpersonal relationships.

Is there a special benefit for partners?

YES! When two or more people share an awareness and intention, the can create deep partnership, collaboration, possibility and connection. Bringing in specific Sacred Relating practices can greatly deepen trust and connection in relationships.

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