Pranic Healing

Energy Healing

Energetic Clearing

By recognizing the body as a vehicle of consciousness, we are able to use the body as a tool to explore and transform our inner landscape.

Yogi Ramadin performs both hand free or hands on healing. Beginning with full body aura cleansing and chakra tune up, we then move into clearing constrictions and revitalizing the spirit.

Please visit our online booking system to schedule your in person or distance healing.

Reiki Revitalization

Are you ready to revitalize your body and spirit?

Reiki Revitalization sessions are conducted in our healing sanctuary. Come in and relax. Reiki healing provides rest for your body and energetic nutrition for your spirit to take in and use however you choose. Many clients receiving the Reiki Revitalization experience a place of deep peace along with a grounding, slow moving energy that sustains for hours, even days after your session.

Come in and experience a Reiki session tailored to your needs coupled with our transformational sound healing table. You will experience the power of subtle energies combined with healing tones.

Please visit our online booking system to schedule your Reiki Revitalization Session

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