Heal Your Body

Your body is your vehicle to explore the world. The health of your body affects not only your ability to move and do in the world, but also our ability to perceive clearly. 

With a solid foundation in both the physical and energetic body, Ramadin's Yogic Bodywork services are well suited for alleviation of physical pain and transformational spiritual healing. Beginning with an initial consultation, we discuss your goals and intentions for the session and create a collaborative experience for rejuvenation and healing. During the sessions, most clients report being in an awakened dream state and depart feeling richly energized and clear.

Some clients prefer to focus on body pain rehabilitation, while others prefer to focus on clearing emotional blocks or just creating sanctuary for powerful revitalization.

I have over 500 hours of professional massage training. I completed my interenship at Stanford Athletics Center and followed it up with a decade of experience. I am also an attuned Reiki Master and received training at the Berkeley Psychic Institute.

I provide a range of services and my clients often report transformational results. At a minimum, I guarantee you'll be satisfied or your session is free!

Please visit our online booking system to schedule your transformational Yogic Bodywork session.

Please Watch this Inspirational Video about the Power of Yoga

Private Yoga Instruction

For thousands of years, our ancestors have been studying ways of being that cultivate ultimate health, vitality and long life. 

These approaches can include not only physical postures, but also, the way we eat, breathe, dream and think. Our private yoga classes meet each student where they are and engage healthy practices that are right for the individual in the moment. 

If you are ready to embody the secrets of the ancients and cultivate abundant available adaptable energy, use our online booking system to schedule your personally tailored Yoga training.

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What People are Saying About My Bodywork

"Your healing practices changed my life, I'm so glad I found you!" 

Testimony By
N. Suib

feels like a zillion bucks after a bodywork trade with Ramadin. Damn, that guy is *good.* Check him out if you're in need of a massage!

Testimony By
Karin W., Bodyworker

Ramadin has a great mix of expertise and warm presence. :)

Testimony By
Alissa B. Psychotherapist and MFT

"As a bodyworker myself with well over 10 years experience, I'm pretty picky about the bodywork I receive, and Ramadin is amazing.  He's not only very intuitive about what your body needs, but he works on an energetic level as well.  After a session with him, I always feel well-nourished physically and metaphysically.  I plan to be receiving bodywork from him for years to come."

Testimony By
Karin Wertheim, Bodyworker and Counselor

"I was feeling all out of sorts 2 days ago and I asked what healer could assist me, and Yogi Ramadin was the only healer that came up for me.
We spoke for a while and he informed me I was not the only one feeling this way and to hold on till the end of March, my birthday actually, March 27th.
Yesterday, I balanced my chakras before the session and 
I seemed out of wack.
I slept for 12 hours last night and then balanced my chakras this morning and I feel totally different!
This man is amazing if you fell like you need energy work!
I think a lot of people are letting go these days and need some assistance."

Testimony By
Shelby Sharie Sound Healing

"Yogi Ramadin is an Amazing Healer!"

Testimony By
Sharie Cohen

"That was quite possibly the best massage I've ever had! You are very talented, Ramadin. Thanks again. I'm looking forward to the next one."

Testimony By
D.D. Yogi, Musician, Cinematographer

[Ramadin] had the confidence and knowledge to work with me while I was struggling mightily with the fall-out of antibiotic treatment for Lyme Disease (LD). He informed himself on LD and took a thorough case history. My care was personal and specific. I really appreciated his in home services and great massage talent.


Testimony By
Vickie H.

I actually fell asleep while getting bodywork today - I can't remember the last time that happened! Ramadin does good work. =)

Testimony By
Bay Area Mother and Healer

Its an honor to know an accomplished true mystic

Testimony By
Dominique R., Energy Healer

Ramadin is the REAL deal healer and a master with energy. I highly recommend his abilities. He helped me clear some immense heavy energies recently and I am so grateful. <3

Testimony By
Rachel Hope, Healer and Community Organizer

Thanks for all your amazing contributions Yogi Ramadin! You are an incredibly gifted healer.

Testimony By
R. Fowler