Clear Your Presence

As we experience life, experiences come and go, yet sometimes leave us with lingering emotions and stress.

By using specfic approaches, we can clear our presence of burdens on our heart and psyche.

In recognizing the body as a vehicle of consciousness, we are able to use the body as a tool to explore and transform our inner landscape.

Yogi Ramadin performs both hand free or hands on healing. Beginning with full body aura cleansing and chakra tune up, we then move into clearing constrictions and revitalizing the spirit.

Please visit our online booking system to schedule your in person or distance healing.

Reiki Revitalization

Are you ready to revitalize your body and spirit?

Reiki Revitalization sessions are conducted in our healing sanctuary. Come in and relax. Reiki healing provides rest for your body and energetic nutrition for your spirit to take in and use however you choose. Many clients receiving the Reiki Revitalization experience a place of deep peace along with a grounding, slow moving energy that sustains for hours, even days after your session.

Come in and experience a Reiki session tailored to your needs coupled with our transformational sound healing table. You will experience the power of subtle energies combined with healing tones.

Please visit our online booking system to schedule your Reiki Revitalization Session


Chanting Om Namo Shivaya


Chanting Hari Om and Variants

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What People are Saying About My Energetic Clearing

"After reaching out to a common community of friends, you reached back offering support. We spoke for over an hour. Your insight and willingness to speak openly with gentleness and warmth allowed me to really hear the message. Afterwards, I felt grounded, empowered to take responsibility for my actions and make amends. I wished I had reached out a week earlier. Thank you for being there for me and my heart.


Testimony By
Elaine N. :: Reno, Nevada

"I experienced transformational healing, just by being in your presence." 

Testimony By
~ L. Miller

"I'd like to thank you so very much for the sacred work you have done with me. Your impressive intuition was expressed without judgement and communicated so clearly. I felt truly safe and open in your presence. The energy work that you facilitated helped me so much, bringing me balance and clarity of heart and mind. You've given me a beautiful gift of healing. Thank you Yogi Ramadin. I look so forward to working with you again  :)"

Testimony By
~ Nena S.

Ramadin has a great mix of expertise and warm presence. :)

Testimony By
Alissa B. Psychotherapist and MFT

"As a bodyworker myself with well over 10 years experience, I'm pretty picky about the bodywork I receive, and Ramadin is amazing.  He's not only very intuitive about what your body needs, but he works on an energetic level as well.  After a session with him, I always feel well-nourished physically and metaphysically.  I plan to be receiving bodywork from him for years to come."

Testimony By
Karin Wertheim, Bodyworker and Counselor

"I was feeling all out of sorts 2 days ago and I asked what healer could assist me, and Yogi Ramadin was the only healer that came up for me.
We spoke for a while and he informed me I was not the only one feeling this way and to hold on till the end of March, my birthday actually, March 27th.
Yesterday, I balanced my chakras before the session and 
I seemed out of wack.
I slept for 12 hours last night and then balanced my chakras this morning and I feel totally different!
This man is amazing if you fell like you need energy work!
I think a lot of people are letting go these days and need some assistance."

Testimony By
Shelby Sharie Sound Healing

"Yogi Ramadin is an Amazing Healer!"

Testimony By
Sharie Cohen

Yogi Ramadin, You are a Wizard!

Testimony By
Dan N. Bodyworker

Its an honor to know an accomplished true mystic

Testimony By
Dominique R., Energy Healer

Ramadin is the REAL deal healer and a master with energy. I highly recommend his abilities. He helped me clear some immense heavy energies recently and I am so grateful. <3

Testimony By
Rachel Hope, Healer and Community Organizer

Thank you Yogi Ramadin for all you have contributed to the Love Lounge in the past 10 weeks - working with our core team to build community, leading workshops, chanting, toning & drumming in ceremonies, doing powerful individual healing work with people, and busting butt from setup to breakdown at every event -- you are a Renaissance man, a team player & a blessing to the Family of Light.

Testimony By
Alan Pratt, Healer and Community Organizer

Thanks for all your amazing contributions Yogi Ramadin! You are an incredibly gifted healer.

Testimony By
R. Fowler