Liberating Language

With each word we speak, we affirm and project the reality we create. 

Consider this quote:

"Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are;
it solely relies on what you think."

~ Buddha

Its not what is going on in the world, but actually how we make meaning about it and how we talk about our reality with others. 

Liberating Language is an approach in empowering ourselves by tuning in to our own spiritual intuition using Somatic Resonance as a way to get instantaneous feedback on the words we are using to create our reality.

By consciously choosing the words we use to create our reality, we liberate ourselves emotionally and spiritually. By applying Yogic Philosophy to our thought processes and word craft, we create a world that is more blessed, more peaceful and has greater possibility.

To learn Liberating Language techniques contact Yogi Ramadin to request a workshop or private training.

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