Relationship Coaching

I provide Sacred Relating and Intimacy coaching for individuals and couples based on the Joyful Relating philosphies.

I am available for private coaching or coaching couples and groups. I am also available for facilitating heartfelt communications and assisting in cultivating deeper intimacy.

To schedule a session, please use my contact form.

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What People are Saying About My Coaching

"After reaching out to a common community of friends, you reached back offering support. We spoke for over an hour. Your insight and willingness to speak openly with gentleness and warmth allowed me to really hear the message. Afterwards, I felt grounded, empowered to take responsibility for my actions and make amends. I wished I had reached out a week earlier. Thank you for being there for me and my heart.


Testimony By
Elaine N. :: Reno, Nevada

"You're an amazing visionary" 

Testimony By
~ D. Ross

"I'd like to thank you so very much for the sacred work you have done with me. Your impressive intuition was expressed without judgement and communicated so clearly. I felt truly safe and open in your presence. The energy work that you facilitated helped me so much, bringing me balance and clarity of heart and mind. You've given me a beautiful gift of healing. Thank you Yogi Ramadin. I look so forward to working with you again  :)"

Testimony By
~ Nena S.

 "I want to publicly thank you for an awesome conversation and insightful observations and analysis. Your relating skills, presence, generosity of emotion, empathy and solidarity are valuable, enlightening and healing. I also want to mention that you were fluid and graceful in the way that you kept me on point and focused on my internal process, behaviors and modes and your listening of me was deep, thoughtful and incisive. Just what I needed. Another pair of eyes to help me through my blind spots. Still integrating the revelations.  love you man."

Testimony By
Ken I. Martial Arts Instructor

Thank you Yogi Ramadin for facilitating that session. I felt both personally supported as well as constructively challenged by the healing field that you created. I was feeling very stuck around those misunderstandings and you helped my lover and I to get through what had been impassable before. You are very skilled and graceful.

Testimony By
Basin H.: Life Coach

I'd like to express my gratitude for a beautiful clearing facilitated by Yogi Ramadin. I feel light in my heart, and open to possibilities in a relationship which had become difficult and estranged. Amazing what clearing up a few key misunderstandings can do to clear the way to more easeful connection. I suspect now more healing will continue to occur between us. Ahhhhh, what a relief!

I really appreciate how Ramadin tracked us as we were expressing ourselves, guiding us to be clean in our communication, veering away from language that feels blaming or making wrong... and noting when we are being defensive. This is key to truly being heard.

Testimony By
Kristal J.: Business Owner

"I've experienced Ramadin as extremely insightful with feedback, reframes, & suggestions in my relating. Even with issues I'd been struggling with for months, he magically had simple solutions for.

I felt impressed, and, grateful for the positive changes in my relating as a result of his help.  ♥ "

Testimony By
Wendy S.

Ramadin has a great mix of expertise and warm presence. :)

Testimony By
Alissa B. Psychotherapist and MFT

Ramadins workshop Exceeded my expectations!

I was already impressed by the material, but it was powerful to see it in action.

I Loved seeing the effect the workshop had on it's attendees, how they are able to learn simple tools in a short amount of time that will translate into real world success.

I strongly recommend these life changing communication techniques that will strengthen any relationship.

Testimony By
Joanna S. Business Communications Expert

Yogi Ramadin, You are a Wizard!

Testimony By
Dan N. Bodyworker

Excellent class, really clear and tangible tools to turn Bad Conversations into Satisfying ones.

Testimony By
Erin S.

Its an honor to know an accomplished true mystic

Testimony By
Dominique R., Energy Healer

Ramadin is the REAL deal healer and a master with energy. I highly recommend his abilities. He helped me clear some immense heavy energies recently and I am so grateful. <3

Testimony By
Rachel Hope, Healer and Community Organizer